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AJ3003-201 Mobile Roof Snow Brum for High Surface Vehicles

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  • Mobile Roof Snow Brum for
  • Mobile Roof Snow Brum for
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  • RoofBrum enables you to clear snow from the roof of very tall vehicles, trailers and more with no risk of damage to the paint or equipment. After a snow storm you are legally required to clear the snow from the entire vehicle before driving, and the RoofBrum provides you, or your team, the right tool for the job.
  • The 12' handle will reach the roof of travel trailers, box trucks, and more. The handle has three sections so you can customize the length based on the job at hand. Avoid struggling with extra handle length and weight if you don't need it.
  • The oversized foam head (durable cross-linked polyethylene foam) has been used in the auto dealership industry for years to safely clear snow from hundreds of expensive vehicles per a storm.
  • Roof Reach bend attachment, enables you to clear school buses, box trucks, etc. while standing safely on the ground. The RoofBrum provides you a solid standard procedure to enable drivers to clear off their vehicles completely before leaving.
  • Content includes: Twelve foot handle (three sections), Foam RoofBrum head & brace, Roof Reach bend attachment and Storage bag
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