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Should a Dremel be used with a Rescue Bit?

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We had a recent customer that broke a Rescue Bit using a Dremel. This is what he said: I read instructions and used 3 speed Dremel, it lasted about halfway through a small EZ out. Don't know what I will do now.

From Wise: Sorry to hear that you had an issue. While there is a learning curve in using the Rescue Bit, it is an option for drilling EZ Outs that are very hard and brittle. As far as what to do now, I'd try taking a small drill bit and trying to drill all around (not into) the broken EZ Out. This may allow enough room to remove it without actually drilling into it. Not as simple as drilling it out with a Rescue Bit but is possible. Takes some skill. I worked with a guy that was very good at using this process to remove bolts with broken EZ outs, but it does take patience as well.

For other's I would not personally advise anyone to use a Dremel. The manufacture does say the 1/8" Rescue Bit can be used in a Dremel but they also say it must be broken in half first. The Dremel "chucking" of the bit would most likely damage or break the bit since it would grab directly on cutting flutes. This is not the case if chucked in a regular drill because the chuck is much bigger and won't damage the bit, if chucked securely. I'd recommend using a rounding motion and starting with the reamer end to remove small burrs that may "catch" and break the Rescue Bit, especially at higher speeds. A 3 speed Dremel on it's slowest speed is still 12,000 RPM's! That's pretty fast and I can imagine binding and breaking a bit before a human could even react. Therefore, I we don't recommend using in a Dremel unless you have plenty of experience with using the Rescue Bit, like our machine shop customers have. The fact that this customer's bit broke half way in indicates that the 'rounding" motion was probably not used. The rounding motion, helps to keep the bit from binding. Also, if it did break for some reason, the extra room allowed from using this rounding motion would allow for much easier removal. It is safest to use a drill that allows you to control the RPM's at a much slower speed. Air die grinders that can be throttled to allow slower starting speeds are a good choice too. Air die grinders that have an "all on" trigger and doesn't allow slower speeds is not ideal. Note that a 1/8" collet would be required for the air die grinder and there's no need to break the bit in half like you would with a Dremel. In review, the two most important things remeber is to use the rounding motion and start at slower speeds.

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