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Mac Tools Down the Chute?

Mac Tools Down the Chute?

I recently read an article about a Mac Tool distributor that had so many broken Mac Tools that he came up with a custom chute to send all the broken tools down, to keep them out of sight. It’s not great for business if customers see a bunch of broken tools, right? In the truck’s setup, they made this to funnel the the broken tools down a pipe into a bin that's accessed form the outside of the truck. Previously, if a customer brought back a broken tool, it ended up in a drawer in one of the the truck's toolboxes that were on display,  where customers may come across them. Here's a quote from the Mac Tool guy.

“But then you're trying to sell the toolbox and suddenly you're faced with a drawer brimming with broken tools,” explained Bowlin. “You're left pondering where to stow them, so we came up with the idea of installing a chute in this truck.”

Now, through a hole on his desk, Bowlin can simply drop the broken tools down the chute into a tote stored in one of the truck's storage boxes. By the week's end, he can clear out the tote and ship the tools back to Mac. 

It's a practical solution, but it's also a little disturbing. The need for a special chute just for broken Mac Tools! Makes one question the quality a bit.

Mac undoubtedly has some great tools. However some of their tools are sourced from different tool companies and are rebranded. In today's market, with the rising cost of tools, more people are turning to online sources to save money. Here's an example of one of the tool kits that they rebranded and are selling for a premium price. The kit pictured above is a thread repair kit sold on the Mac truck, which is essentially a re-labeled 38900 kit. At, we offer the same 38900 kit at about half the price of what you'd find on tool trucks.

This kit has had its share of problems in the past, but we take extra steps to ensure the quality of the tools and inserts so our customers have no issues. Our price is much lower for the same tool kit. With our inspection process, our customers can trust that the tools won't end up needing to travel down any chute!

Since 2005, we've been dedicated to providing expert solutions for thread repair. Need assistance in selecting the ideal thread repair kit for your specific situation? Reach out to us at 800-734-8665 ext. 251 or simply fill out our Contact Form.

13th May 2024 DennisB

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