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ML69372 R134A/R1234YF Complete Recovery Set

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  • Twin turbo dual complete recovery machine for R134a and R1234yf refrigerants.
  • Incorporates a spark-free compressor and enhanced features to allow for maximum recovery capacity while at the same time decreasing size and weight.
  • The design of the double piston compressor and cooling by the largest fan and condenser in the market makes the 69372 R134a/R1234yf complete recovery unit the most complete solution to your R134a and R1234yf recovery needs.
  • Built with the safest spark-free components
  • Includes all hoses and couplers needed to recover, cleanse and remove the oil from R134a and R1234yf automotive A/C systems as well as an extra filter dryer for replacement
  • Easily convert between R134a and R1234yf with the included dual brass manifold gauge set, couplers and conversion fittings
  • 30 lbs. DOT tank for R134a and 30 lbs. DOT tank for R1234yf refrigerants included with each unit. Each 30 lbs. DOT tank has a float switch that connects to the 69372 to shut off the recovery when the tank is 80% full
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