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TN51950 Exo Burr ™ External Deburrer

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The Exo Burr ™ is a hardened steel external deburring tool that quickly repairs damaged threads on steel bolts including stainless steel and hardened steel, threaded rod, copper, brass, aluminum, plastics, and wood. This patent pending tool features blades made of HRC 60 and is designed with a 1/4 in. impact-grade shaft and works with most power drills on materials ranging from 5/16 to 7/8 inches (8-22 mm) . The tool is most effective at low speeds* and can remove burrs and uneven ridges from threaded rods, fasteners, and pipes and is effective on hardened up to grade 8 (metric class 10.9) and mild steels, stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum, pvc plastics, wood, and more. * Low speeds make this tool most effective; we recommend approximately 500 RPM in a clockwise (forward) direction only. Best results are ensured when working on hardened and stainless steel by increasing pressure and not RPM because faster speeds result in overheating and damaging or dulling the blades. Always work safely – wear appropriate safety gear including safety glasses.
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