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Baum B115000 Case Drilling Fixture - 6 Cylinder

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  • Drill Jig
  • BMW Head bolt drilling fixture.
  • BMW Head bolt drilling fixture. Aluminum and precise drilling faster than Time Sert fixture because it doesn't need to be moved.
  • BMW Head bolt drilling fixture.


Use to install Timesert inserts when the cylinder head bolt holes strip in the light alloy type engine case. Use with Timesert kit #TS-1015 and inserts #TS-10155. Covers all BMW 6 cylinder models from 1998 to 2005.

When the headbolts strip out of the late model BMW 6 cylinder engines M52TU, M54 and M56 (1999- 2005) this headbolt fixture allows easy alignment for drilling and tapping the holes for installation of Timeserts or Casesavers (Helicoils are not recomended for this repair). The B115000 fixture allows you to drill and tap all holes for perfect alignment. No misaligned holes and an inexpensive solution instead of an expensive block replacement. Note the Time Sert 1015 Metric thread repair kit and 10155 inserts (14 required) are not included with this drill alignment fixture. The Time Sert 1015 and 10155's are for a first time repair. If a previous repair has has failed like Helicoil or some other competitive brand, a Big Sert kit will be required that does not work with this alignment fixture alone.  

pdficon-small.png See the B11500 pdf instructions for using this alignment jig.

An alternative to using this alignment fixture is purchasing the Time Sert 1090 kit which includes a smaller alignment fixture. For second time repairs see the Time Sert 1090BS Big Sert kit which is Time Sert's oversized repair kit. The same size headbolts are used when using either kit.

Baum B115000 Questions


Question - What makes the Baum B115000 alignment fixture better than just using the Time Sert 1090 kit?

Answer - The B115000 allows a faster set time especially if you work at a BMW dealership or specialize in BMW.

Question - Can I just get the Time Sert 1090 without getting the B115000?

Answer - Yes. The Time Sert 1090 kit comes with a smaller alignment bracket, that can be repositioned for working on different holes on the block. It comes with tooling, 14 inserts and a storage case. It is also less expensive when compared to purchasing the B115000, the 1015 kit and the 14 inserts. Around a $100 at this time.

If you have questions feel free to use our contact form. Be sure to include the product number in you question and the year make and model of the vehicle if it applies to your question.

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