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Calvan 38900 Contents

Calvan 38900 Contents © Summary: The Calvan 38900 Ford spark plug thread repair kit has the tools needed to repair many 1996 and up SOHC 2-Valve 4.6, 5.4 and 6.8 Liter Ford engines. We identify all the components that make up this spark plug thread repair kit. This kit is used as a first time repair or for a second time repair when a different brand insert like Helicoil Save-A-Thread has failed. The thickness of the insert along with the large lip makes sealing up oversized holes possible, especially when parts store kits have failed and a repeat spark plug blowout has occurred. The repair is done right over the fender without the need to remove the cylinder head saving much time and expense. We also have other brands and can hep determine which is best for your situation.

The 38900 is made by Horizon Tool Company and is labeled as several different brands including Snap On (Blue Point) Mac, Matco, CTA, Mountain, ATD and others. Prices vary greatly, but the kits are the same. Since the tooling as well as the inserts are the same we have many repair shops taking advantage of our bulk pricing on the replacement Calvan 389-100 inserts. A great savings compared to paying for the other tool brand “names”. Some recent customers have said that one label or another provides better taps or reamers. That's simply not true. Since we’ve been selling these kits since 2005 and we know the components are all the same. Yes, over the years the design of the components have varied slightly, but if comparing new tooling to new tooling, no matter which label, they are all the same.

So what’s in the Calvan 38900 kit?

Core Drill Bit / Reamer 389-2000
Thread Tap 389-3000
Tap Guide
Inserts/Sleeves 389-100
Valve 389-4000 - AKA Cylinder Leak Tester
Blow Molded Case
DVD Instruction Video
Blow Molded Case
Tips. *Exclusively offered by and At checkout just write “Tips” in the Comments field and we will email “repair” tips when processing the order.

See more information on our product listing – Calvan 38900. The Calvan kit is great but it does not work on all applications. Keep in mind we sell other brands too that cover just about any vehicle out there. If there’s any questions feel free to contact us.

We've been selling aluminum thread repair tools since 2005. Call for assistance in finding the best sparkplug thread repair kit for your application at 800-734-8665 x251 or provide your details by using our Contact Form.

7th Sep 2018 DennisB

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