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TIME-SERT 5553 Not Big Enough? – See our 5588 Add-On Kit

TIME-SERT 5553 Not Big Enough? – See our 5588 Add-On Kit

DennisB © Summary: Information on getting an add-on kit for the Time Sert 5553 kit to allow it to do larger diameter repairs when other repairs have failed leaving the hole too big to fix. With so many temporary, parts store type spark plug repairs out there, it’s no wonder that shops are seeing “mangled” failed repairs that have made the spark plug hole too big for the TIME-SERT 5553 kit to handle. The 5553 kit works great on holes up to .66″. Anything larger than that needs a triple over-size repair which can fix holes up to almost three quarters of an inch.

The 5600 Time Sert kit is a stand alone kit that can install the triple oversize insert and the smaller double oversize insert (like in the 5553) that accepts the same size, original spark plug. But what if you’ve already got a 5553 kit? Do you have to buy the 5600 kit? No, you’re in luck because we have the 5588 which is an add-on kit that is to be used along with the 5553 kit to install the triple oversize insert saving the cylinder head!

*Note, you will use the reamer out of your 5553 kit as the instructions state. See the Time Sert 5588 instructions pdf . Purchase the TIME-SERT 5588 Kit on our website or by phone. Questions? Give us a call at 800-734-8665 x251. See the 5600 kit in use below. The process is very similar to using your TIME-SERT 5553 kit with the 5588 add on kit. Just follow the included laminated instructions.

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6th Sep 2018 DennisB

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