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Can the Time Sert 1115 kit be used for head bolt thread repair?

Can the Time Sert 1115 kit be used for head bolt thread repair?

The short answer is a qualified yes, in some applications. The Time Sert 1115 kit is designed to install inserts at the surface. Read on to learn more.

Can the Time Sert eleven fifteen kit effectively repair head bolt threads? 

The answer requires some explanation. The Time Sert 1115 kit is primarily engineered for surface-level insert installations, when the threads start near the deck. For this reason, the eleven fifteen is suitable for head bolt threads positioned near the surface. Also, as many of the threads should be used as possible, so the use of longer, 30mm inserts like the 11155's are typically recommended. However, if the threads start several inches down below the deck, the use of the 1115 kit is not advisable. For head bolt repair, on most automotive applications like the Kia, Hyundai, or Toyota vehicles, the Time Sert 2200 kit is recommended. This kit is specifically designed for deep thread repairs, ensuring proper alignment with the original specifications, crucial especially with Torque to Yield bolts. Deviating from the original design can lead to unforeseen complications.

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14th May 2024 DennisB

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