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 What’s the Difference in Time-Sert 4412 and 4412E?

 What’s the Difference in Time-Sert 4412 and 4412E?

DennisB © Summary: Brief description of two common Time Sert kits and when they should and when they should not be used.
Time Sert 4412
and 4412E are both M14x1.25 spark plug thread repair kits that can do repairs for taper seat and washer type, spark plugs. The inserts are sold separately. Most shops will buy inserts for both that are 3/4 reach which is the most common length so there are prepared for just about any application they encounter. The 4412E (E stands for EXTENDED) is the kit with longer tooling which is more suited for doing repairs where the spark plug is not near the surface. If there’s a well and the spark plug is 4 or 5 inches down the longer tooling in this kit is much easier to use. The 4412 that has shorter tooling is best for repairs when the spark plug is near the surface.

In fact the shorter tooling may also be best when there’s limited access in the work area and the tooling may interfere with surrounding objects. These kits are NOT the best choice however when working on 4.6, 5.4 and 6.8 Fords. Time Sert 5553 or 5600 is recommended. Also, if a previous repair was done using a Helicoil, Save a Thread or some other competitor’s brand making the hole bigger, the 4412 or 4412E cannot be used. A Big Sert, which is Time Sert’s repair for oversize holes, is the repair for previously repaired spark plug ports. Meaning a Big Sert 5141 or 5141E could possibly be used. Or if working on the 4.6, 5.4 or 6.8 Ford engines the 5553 or 5600 would be the “go to” choice. We may also have a lower cost alternative depending upon the situation/application. 

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22nd Aug 2018 Dennisb

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