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Miller 8387 Valve Spring Compressor - Dodge, Jeep 3.7 & 4.7 Engines

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  • Better alternative is the 3747-123.
  • Miller 8387 valve spring compressor.
  • Miller 8387 valve spring compressor, image as shown in some auto repair manuals.
  • Miller 8387 valve spring compressor angle shows the part of the tool that allows access to the valve keeper.


*Important see the Win 3747-123, it's better and more tool for the money! 

Also see 8426. The Miller 8387 was originally included with 8653 and 8700 kits. Miller is the specialty tool brand that all the Dodge, Chrysler and Jeep dealers use. The 8387 is the specialty tool used to remove and install valve springs safely without damage to the camshaft or camshaft lobes. The Miller 8387 valve spring tool also provides access to the valve keeper while compressing the springs for removal or installing them. Application is for 3.7 and 4.7 Liter engines. Works on 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11 and 12. Refer to an automotive service manual for more information. Partial application below.

  • 2006 (DR, HB, KJ, ND) - Systems (9 - Engine, 3.7L, 9 - Engine, 4.7L)
  • 2007 (DR, KA, KJ) - Systems (9 - Engine, 3.7L)
  • 2008 (DR, KA, KK) - Systems (9 - Engine, 3.7L)
  • 2009 (DS, KA, KK) - Systems (9 - Engine, 3.7L)
  • 2010 (DS, KA, KK) - Systems (9 - Engine, 3.7L)
  • 2011 (DS, KA, KK) - Systems (9 - Engine, 3.7L)
  • 2012 (DS, KK) - Systems (9 - Engine, 3.7L)

Question - What's the difference between the 8516 and the 8387, they look practically the same?

Answer - The Miller 8516A is a rocker arm remover and the 8387 is a valve spring remover. Some websites have their listings pictured wrong which adds to the confusion. Our pictures are correct. The rocker arm cannot be used to remove the valve springs. You can however use the valve spring remover to remove the rocker arm, but it's not easy. There is also a risk of dropping the valve keeper if trying to use the valve spring compressor when removing or installing the rocker arm. It's best to use these different tools for the purpose they were designed for to eliminate possible problems. That's why some of our customers purchase both.


The YouTube video shows the comparison between the Miller 8387 and the 8516. *Important see the Win 3747-123 that includes rocker arm and valve spring tooling.

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1 Review

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    4.7 Broken Valve Spring Necessity

    Posted by Quincy J on 8th Aug 2015

    THE factory tool designed to change the valve springs correctly. Never settle a second rate tool when it comes to your engine. The Miller factory tool #8387 is a necessity when changing the broken valve spring on your 4.7 Dodge engine!

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