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OT6687 GM V-6 Cam/Crank Holding Tool Set Like J-42069

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  • OTC 6687 like the Kent Moore J-42069 kit.
  • OTC 6687 Cam crank holding kit.
  • OTC 6687 Cam crank holding kit tool manufacturer stock photo.
  • OTC 6687 Component.
  • OT6687 socket.
  • Plastic component from 6687 kit.
  • Piece from otc 6687 kit by OTC
  • OTC 6687 Wise Auto Tools.
  • OTC 6687 Cam crank holding kit from Wise Auto Tools.
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This camshaft and crankshaft holding tool kit is used on Saab engines when changing or installing a timing belt. It is the same as the Kent Moore J-42069 for Catera. It also works on some CTS Cadillac models, Saturn and Saab 9000. See the detailed application chart for the OTC6687.

  • Required tools to adjust and hold cam shaft timing on GM 3.0 and 3.2 V-6 engines.
  • Kit is designed to save shop time when servicing GM 3.0 and 3.2 V-6 engines.
  • 3.0 CATERA To hold all the pulleys in place during timing belt R&R.
  • Refer to service manual to verify the Kent Moore J-42069 is recommended.
  • See our YouTube video linked above for more information. 
pdficon-small.png See the GM 6-Cylinder Cam Tool Set 3.0L & 3.2L OTC 6687 Operating Instructions.
Tools Included in the kit.
  • Camshaft Locking Tools 536594 & 536595 Like Kent Moore J-42069-1 and J-42069-2
  • Crankshaft Holding Tool 536596 like Kent Moore J-42069-10
  • Camshaft Alignment Gauge 536608 like the Kent Moore J-42069-20
  • Timing Belt Installation Tool 536611 like Kent Moore J-42069-30
  • Timing Belt Tensioner Wrench 536612 like Kent Moore J-42069-40
  • Crankshaft Socket 536613 like Kent Moore MKM-602-21
*Note a copy of the intructions are included with the tool kit, meanwhile see them linked above in pdf format.
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