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Rescue Bit

Rescue Bit 1/4" x 3" Double End Drill Point and Reamer

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  • Rescue Bit 1/4" x 3" Double End Drill Point and Reamer
  • Rescue Bit in use. Demonstrating how it can drill through an EZ Out broken bolt extractor.



This listing is for one 1/4" diameter by 3" long Rescue Bit broken tooling extractor. Hard metal compound allows drilling into tooling which normally cannot be drilled. Use to remove broken bolts, drill bits, thread taps or EZ Out extractors. This is a 1/4" Double Ended Drill Point Rescue Bit with one end as a drill bit point and the other end is a reamer end. Help prevent tool breakage by switching to the reamer end when the drilling is almost through the object. The reamer end can also withstand higher RPM's than the drill point. Rescue bits as well as reamers, drill bits and taps etc are consumable items. As such they carry no warranty expressed or implied. Have questions about the Rescue Bit? Please read our article on FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) about Rescue Bits.

Also see the following pdficon-small.png Rescue Bit Tips pdf

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9 Reviews

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    Tire guy and mechanic

    Posted by Spencer Cramer on 14th Jun 2022

    Best little tool I have bought for the money follow the directions it will last you a lifetime. From Wise: Thanks for the review. The manufacturer says if the tools gets you through one project it has done well. These tools have to be harder than what they drill out so they are not invincible. Glad it worked well for you!

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    Rescue Bit Success

    Posted by Paul F on 27th Oct 2021

    Just wanted to say thanks, these bits worked great to remove an EZ Out that broke inside of a broken 5/16x18 stud in a 1” blind hole at the end of a crankshaft.

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    Saved the day!

    Posted by Jim P on 8th Jun 2020

    I was very skeptical but saw a rave review on You tube, so took a chance. It went through the twist drill very easily. Great tool to have in your box when we make that oops.

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    Rescue Bit Failure.

    Posted by Rick M. on 23rd May 2020

    I was quite disappointed with the item. Based on the video i thought it would quite easy cutting thru the broken tap. Unfortunately it only made a indentation to the tap. Nothing great to boast about. Would not recommend to be a good tool. Based on the comments of other buyers your tool is a failure. From Wise: Very surprised and sorry to hear you were unsuccessful. The Rescue Bit is not 100% successful but still remains as one of the only tools capable, if used properly, of drilling out tooling that usually cannot be drilled. We have had over-all positive feedback for this tool.

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    Didn't do as advertised

    Posted by Tim F. on 8th Jul 2017

    Have a broken 5/16" bolt in water pump mount bolt hole on my engine block. Did as directed from instructions by running drill slow and in a circular motion. Bit does really good on the cast iron block but not so good on tap. Bit hard to hold in place and will walk off and into soft cast easily. I was giddy WAITING on bit to arrive but was disappointed within the first few minutes using the bit and of course after spending $74 with shipping and price of the small bit. I read the other reviews on their experience on how great it worked for them but now very pessimistic on the actual true results.. Wouldn't recommend to others. From WiseAutoTools,com. - Sorry the bit did not work as well as hoped. Perhaps trying a faster speed would work better. In a die grinder it's possible that a starting point may be easier to establish. Different metals cut better at different speeds. There definitely can be a learning curve as well as trial and error seeing which speeds work best.

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    Bit works fine but wrong size

    Posted by Ronald L on 1st Jun 2017

    The bit did work but it was the wrong size. I ordered a 1/4 inch but you sent me a 1/8 bit. I try to make it work but could not get the hole large enough. Our response: We apologize for the error. The Rescue Bit has cutting edges all around it and should be able to make the hole bigger with the side cutting flutes.

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    Rescue Bit rescued my butt

    Posted by Tom W on 28th Feb 2017

    Rescue bit preformed exactly like they said it would! Thank you!!

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    Decision Time!

    Posted by Chuck G on 26th May 2016

    We bought the 1/8" also. I don't know who makes these drill bits but they should know: Our backs were against the wall, decision time, either to remove the cylinder head or find a solution to remove the broken exhaust manifold bolt with a broken extractor in it. We had already bought a kit that did nothing to help the situation at a cost of $750.00. We decided to order the rescue bit and give it one last try. When the rescue bit arrived we placed the broken section of the extractor (easy out) in a vise, chucked up the rescue bit, and started to drill, in about 40 seconds the extractor had a nice 1/8 hole in it. Now for the real challenge for our technician, he took the bit and went to work. I went over to check on him to see how it was going, (only 5 minutes since our test on the extractor went by) he said I am done, I said oh great, pull the head, he said you don’t understand. I have the extractor out and the new stud ready to go in. After 2 weeks of fighting this broken extractor, we had it out in 5 minutes. What a tool! Thank you RESCUE BIT

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    amazing tool!!

    Posted by jamie mackinnon on 30th Aug 2014

    Rescue bit preformed exactly like they said it would! Amazing tool! thank you!!

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