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TIME-SERT 4800 BS Metric Head Bolt Thread Kit 12x1.5 Oversize

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  • TIME SERT 4800 BS Metric Head Bolt Thread Kit 12x1.5 Oversize (4800BS)
  • 4800BS Page 1 Instructions
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Includes Free Shipping. TIME SERT 4800 BS Metric Head Bolt Thread Kit 12x1.5 for oversize repairs. Has move-able stop collar which allows this kit to be used on more applications. It's common that head bolt threads are not near the surface, this tooling is long enough to allow inserts to be installed down below the surface in the same area of the original threads. The inserts are 30mm long which is a very common length requirement for head bolt threads. If working on a hole that has not been previously repaired use the Time Sert 4800 Kit.

This BS (Big Sert)kit which has an oversize outside diameter is commonly used when Heli-Coil or similar type thread repairs have failed. 10 inserts are included - PN 52155.

Drill Fixture - 56111

Drill Bushing - 7224BS

Alignment Pin - 7225BS

Core Drill - 12141BS

Tap - 12242BS

Insert Driver - 12143

Bolts Short Qty-2 - 32156

Bolts Long Qty-2 32157

Ink Marker - 7586

Metal Rule - 7587

Inserts Qty-10 - 52155

Thread Locker - 6020

Driver Oil - 6010

GM Dowel Qty-2 - J-42385-508BS

Honda Dowel Qty-2 - 31304 

 Time-Sert Big Sert Universal Instructions pdf 

Mouse over the images above for a more detailed view of the kit components. Need more information on TIME-SERT thread repair kits? Visit our auto repair blog section on thread repair kits for tips, advice and all your thread repair questions answered. Just comment and we will be quick to respond.

See the pdficon-small.png TIME-SERT products pdf for more information on thread repair kits and inserts. Some are listed for certain applications on cars, trucks and motorcycles. The pdf is a partial application list so feel free to email or call if we can assist with your particular need. We also accept inquiries regarding our daily TIME-SERT specials. Remember TIME-SERT is recommended by leading car manufacturers like the General Motors Corporation. In fact TIME-SERT is GM's only authorized repair for head bolt threads.


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