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Helicoil or Time Sert for Kia Sedona?

Helicoil or Time Sert for Kia Sedona?

We're often reminded through the questions we receive via our contact form that certain topics, though covered years ago, remain new to some individuals. Below, we address one such inquiry and provide additional resources such as articles and videos to assist newcomers navigating similar issues.

Question:  I have a 2007 Kia Sedona 3.8 liter engine. I'm putting in a salvage engine and the upper idler pulley has stripped threads. It uses an M10X1.5 bolt. Question is should I use a Heli Coil or a Time Sert? The block is aluminum. I'm a DIY guy and not sure which will hold best. I have Heli Coil already and can do repair with that. I just don't have the experience to know which would be better. Any advice is appreciated.

Answer: Time Sert is my first choice which can be used in aluminum or steel with no issues. I actually did a video about 10 years ago on this topic. See below. I also provided the link to the M10x1.5 Time Sert kit. Different length inserts are available besides the 14mm ones in the kit, let me know if you need a different length. Time Sert 1015 kit.

Question: How much room past the insert does a Time Sert driver need?

Answer: Time Sert inserts need about a 1/4" past the insert to allow the install driver to thread all the way through. So to utilize as many threads as possible measure the depth of the blind hole and subtract a 1/4" (6.3mm). That will tell us how long the insert can be.

Question: I have a Kia Sedona with stripped head bolt threads in the cylinder head. Which Time Sert kit is best?

Answer: Kia Sedona's with M11x1.5 head bolts use the Time Sert 2200 kit for a first time repair or the 2200BS if it has had a failed Helicoil that pulled making the hole larger than normal.

Question: How do I know if it's been Helicoiled before?

Answer: You may find remnants of the wire with will stick to a magnet. Aluminum will not stick to a magnet so if you see debris that is not attracted to a magnet that will be from the aluminum cylinder head.

Question: Will I need to get different head bolts after installing Time Sert inserts?

Answer: No, Time Sert and Big Sert inserts accept the original size head bolts. The difference in the two is just the thickness of the inserts.

Here's an article that covers more on Kia head bolt thread repair see the following - Kia auto repair blog.

For additional information on the differences between Time Sert VS Helicoil see the following - Time Sert VS Helicoil auto repair blog.

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