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LS Head Bolt Thread Repair Including the Smaller Threads

LS Head Bolt Thread Repair Including the Smaller Threads © Summary: Repair kits available for Chevrolet LS engines which have failed head bolt threads. Sizes include the M11x2.0 for the larger holes and M8x1.25 kit for the smaller M8x1.25. 

Failed threads in aluminum engines are a common problem today. Time Sert has been making head bolt thread repair solutions for GM for a long time. The Cadillac Northstar engine was one of the first engines that suffered from failed aluminum threads for their head bolts. GM and Time Sert engineers worked together to create a fix that resulted in the head bolt threads being stronger than original due to using carbide steel inserts that are bushing like and solid unlike the Helicoil wire coil style fix. Even the solid inserts that Helicoil now offers is a far cry from the quality and and dependability that Time Sert offers with it's cold rolled inserts which are held in from the bottom. 

Now Time Sert has the best solution for Chevy LS motors that have the "pulled threads" issue. The Time Sert 3700 kit can be used for LS motors with bad M11x2.0 threads. We've sold a lot of these over the years. Recently there have been failed threads for the smaller M8x1.25 bolts as well. These kits allow for repairing the block in the vehicle. There's no need to replace a block due to failed heads and the result is stronger threads than original. It's important to note that these two kits are for a first time repair when no previous repair like Helicoil or some other brand has been used and failed, making the hole larger than original. Time Sert does make Big Sert kits which are oversize for these instances. As always if there are questions prior to purchasing from us at Wise Auto Tools fill out our contact form or give Dennis a call at 800-734-8665.

See below for the kit links mentioned in this article.

Time Sert 3700 - For first time repairs on LS engines using M11x2.0 head bolts.

Time Sert 1812ECORE-PLATE - For first time repairs on LS engines using the smaller M8x1.25 head bolts.

Question - I saw a video of a guy using an 1812CORE kit instead of the 1812ECORE-PLATE. It's less expensive, can I just use that?

Answer - Not recommended. It has no guide for the tooling and has shorter inserts. If tooling is not used straight then problems may occur. Also the shorter inserts are less likely to provide a long lasting repair.

11th Sep 2021 DennisB

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