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Pentastar 3.6 head bolt thread repair - How to fix stripped threads FAQ's

Pentastar 3.6 head bolt thread repair - How to fix stripped threads FAQ's

DennisB © Summary: Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep with the 3.6 Pentastar engine has a common problem of blown head gaskets due to the aluminum threads in the block failing for the head bolts. There may only be one or two bolts that have stripped head bolt threads in the block. However, we recommend replacing the threads for all 16, so that it will be less likely to have a repeat problem. No one wants to have to remove a cylinder head a second time, when it can be avoided! Below are some of our most common questions when it comes to doing this type of repair.

Question – Which thread repair kit is best when repairing the head bolt threads in the cylinder block on a Jeep with a 3.6L engine?

Answer – We recommend the Time Sert 8313 Head Bolt Thread Repair Kit.

Question – Why do I have to buy the entire kit since I only need to repair 3 holes?

Answer – There is a reason and specific purpose for every component in the kit. When fixing one hole with stripped threads or repairing all of them, every piece in the kit will be used to properly install the insert (or inserts). The 8313 kit comes with 16 insert, be sure to purchase additional inserts part number 12159 to be ready for the next job.

Question – I’ve seen a kit online with short taps. Does the Time Sert kit you sell have tooling that is long enough without welding an extension on? 

Answer – Yes. No fabrication is needed when using our kit. The tooling is long enough and was designed for this exact purpose. Our tooling is made by the Time Fastener Company, unlike competitive brands that supply taps from other companies and stick them in their "kit". 

Question - Why is the Time Sert so expensive?

Answer - We understand the concern. Time Sert products are all manufactured in the USA by the Time Fastener Company. When buying tools, quality is a huge factor in regard to pricing. Some competitive kits that may sell for a little less, were not designed in the same manner and some components like taps are short and just purchased elsewhere and repackaged in their "kit". Also, Time Sert kits have been professionally engineered alongside car manufacturer engineers for the best available repair possible. Yes, Time Sert is "approved" by many car manufacturers for this reason. Time Sert has more components in their kit compared to competitors. Again, no farming out the production which means the strictest quality control is maintained. Time Sert also has the longest track record for doing specific thread repairs in aluminum. Research, design and development is definitely a factor. With all things considered the price for Time Sert kits is actually quite fair. 

Question – How are the inserts held in?

Answer – They are held in from the bottom when the installation driver cold rolls and expands the insert at the bottom locking it into place. The inserts are held in with permanent Time Sert thread locker which is included in the kit.

Question – Are the exterior threads on the insert coarse or fine?

Answer – Time Sert uses synchronized interior and exterior threads. It could be said that the threads are "timed" which is why "Time" is part on the name in "Time Sert". This design means that the exterior coarseness of the threads will in affect mirror the inside threads which also increases strength as opposed to competitors brands which are not synched.

Question - Are the threads installed at the original depth?

Answer - Yes. In order for the TTY (Torque to Yield) bolts to work as designed they need threads that are at the proper depth. TTY bolts are designed to stretch or expand when at operating temperatures and contract when at cooler temps. Time Sert engineers have taken this important detail into account, unlike some competitors "kits" that place the threads near the surface as a one approach fits all.  

Question – Will the Time Sert 4800 work if I had a previous Heli Coil repair fail?

Answer – No. An oversized repair will be needed, called the time Sert 4800BS. The BS stands for Big Sert and that is Time Sert’s designation for oversized.

Question – If I use the oversized Time Sert 4800BS kit, will I need larger head bolts?

Answer – No. The inside diameter is the same M12x1.5 so the original size bolts are used.

Question – Can I use the Time Sert 4800 on any other cars besides the 3.6 Pentastar?

Answer – Yes. The Time Sert 4800 thread repair kit is a universal set. It can be used on any cars with M12x1.5 head bolts. The depth can be marked on the tooling which allows it to be used on other applications with the M12x1.5. 

Question – Does the engine have to come out to do this repair?

Answer – No. The repair is done right in the vehicle, so there’s no need to remove the block. If your mechanic has suggested removing the block and sending to a machine shop, please give them our phone number and we’ll be happy to talk with them about our kit (800-734-8665).

Question – Why did Chrysler use aluminum for their block instead of cast iron?

Answer – Aluminum is used in all cars now for blocks, heads and many other components to reduce overall vehicle weight in order to increase fuel mileage. The government requirements mandate that MPG (miles per gallon) be increased. This is one way to achieve this.

Question – Do you rent the Timesert kits?

Answer – NO. We considered renting them at one time and decided against it. One drawback of renting this type of tool out is wear and tear from many different renters on the tooling. The tooling may be rented out hundreds of times which would obviously result in wear. Most likely would be rented by DIYers, since professional techs would be more likely to purchase their own. Using badly worn tooling on your engine block may result in a failure of the insert to hold. For instance, if a worn driver is used it could possibly damage the threads or not expand the insert fully, resulting in it not being locked in properly.

Question – I see these kits all over the place on the Internet for sale, all at the same price. Do they ever go on sale?

Answer – The reason the Time Sert kits are all the same price no matter where you look is because of MAP requirements from the manufacturer, which stands Minimum Advertised Pricing. We at and offer extra value in the Time Sert 4800 kits that we sell by providing free fast shipping within the USA and no sales tax charged outside Florida. Call us or place the order on one of our websites ( 800-734-8665 or 800-524-9783).

Question – What makes and qualified to answer questions on head bolt thread repair?

Answer – Our questions are answered by Dennis Bandy, a master tech with over 30 years hands on experience working on cars and light trucks. Other online companies may not have the experience necessary to provide helpful, information related to the application and correct use of the Time Sert line. We work hard everyday, to provide that little extra, that helps set us apart from other sellers that would be just as happy selling brooms, electronics or other bits to make a dollar. We truly appreciate your business.

The Time Sert 8313 kit is also available at Need to purchase? Please order on one of our websites or give us a call at 800-734-8665.

We've been selling specialty tools and aluminum thread repair kits since 2005. Call for assistance in finding the best head bolt thread repair kit for your situation at 800-524-9783 or 800-734-8665 x251 or provide your details by using our Contact Form.

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