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Time Sert 5553/5600 Exclusive Tips from Wise Auto Tools

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Looking to repair the spark plug threads in your Ford 4.6,5.4 or 6.8 Liter 2V engine with the 5553 or 5600 kit? Reduce your learning curve and help to ensure success with our exclusive use tips! We've compiled years of valuable information into one simple and accessible page (front and back, contains approximately 850 words). The reading time would take approximately 4-5 minutes to read. This is available as a PDF page available immediately after purchased. Whether you're a beginner or experienced auto technician, our tips help to make the job go easier. Some of our information can be found in our videos and blog articles, but now you can have it all in one convenient place. If you purchase the 5553 or 5600 kit from us, you'll receive these tips for free, but they are also available for purchase separately if you bought the kit elsewhere. Plus, with a verified purchase of our kit or these tips, you'll have access to phone support for any questions you may have. Before you start reaming into your engine, we highly recommend reviewing our tips to help ensure success and peace of mind.

  • Years of tips doing this particular job.
  • Immediate download upon purchase.
  • Tech support if needed. (Tips usually answers most questions)
  • Tips are not intended to take the place of the instructions.

Haven't bought the kit yet? Get free tips when you purchase from us, here's the link to the 5553 and 5600 kit that include the cylinder leak down tester to help make sure the valves are closed. 

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