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TIME-SERT 5600 Triple O-Size Spark Plug Thread Kit w/Leak Tester

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  • Free 389-4000 from Wise!
  • TIME-SERT 5600 triple oversize spark plug thread repair kit.
  • Time Sert 5600 Case
  • The Time Sert 5600 kit comes stored in a nice blow molded case.
  • Loctite
  • Driver oil
  • 55522 triple oversize inserts for use with the 5600 kit along with the smaller inserts.
  • 51457 M14x1.25 Big Sert - the smaller of the two inserts in the 5600 kit.
  • The 55518 counter bore for use with RF-1L2E heads found in some 2001 and up engines.
  • 51487 3/16"x6" long hex keyused to lock and unlock the 51484 setting tool.
  • 55516 1/8" small hex key for locking the tooling in the wrench - which actually more like the socket extension.
  • 51484 Setting tool with ring 51484A.
  • T-bar handle used on the "wrench". We don't use this in the demonstration video because a socket is much easier to use.
  • 55514 M14x1.25 driver installation tool, for the smaller of the two inserts.
  • M18 Triple oversized tap. Note this is not a standard size M18.
  • 55900 M18 Oversized Reamer. Note this is not a standard size M18.
  • M18 Wrench triple oversized more like an extension socket to extend reach of tooling.
  • 38154 M18 Driver installation tool for larger of the two inserts 55518
  • Laminated instructions page 1.
  • Laminated instructions page 2.
  • Laminated instructions page 3.


Includes Free shipping.  Also included from Wise Auto Tools with this kit is a Valve "Closed" Tester! along with helpful tips compiled throughout the years from our Master Tech that answers common repair questions for this application. Just write tips in the comment section when checking out. TIME-SERT 5600 This is the largest outside diameter spark plug thread repair kit available and installs a Big Sert insert inside of a triple oversize insert making this kit the largest Ford spark plug thread repair kit in the world. The outside diameter (O.D.) is .76". Since this kit uses the triple oversize insert which is the biggest repair insert available, it's capable on fixing even the largest spark plug holes. Holes that were damaged more than usual from a previous repair attempt that failed. If you already have the TIME-SERT 5553 an additional add on kit can be purchased to achieve the what this kit does as a "stand alone" kit. However, the 5600 kit cannot install just the smaller of the two inserts. If you already have a 5553 purchase the add on kit #5588. *Note the 5600 kit does not install the Big Sert alone. Tooling is provided for using both inserts together. If you would like the capability of installing ONLY the Big Sert (smaller of the two) inserts when the triple oversize is not needed, use the Time Sert 5678. The 5678 is the add on kit for the 5600.
Questions? We have answers. See our FAQ's sparkplug thread repair articles for more information. Ford Spark Plug Blow Outs-Solved and Ford Sparkplug Blowouts - FAQ's. Need help deciding which kit is best for your application? Call us and talk to an experienced Master Tech at 800-734-8665 x251 or use our contact form, please include details like make, model, engine size and if there was a previous repair. If there was, tell us what type or brand of repair it was. 
Installed over the fender. The repair is done by installing an insert inside an insert to end up with the triple over-size outside diameter. The original (fully threaded) spark plug can then be installed saving the cost of replacing the cylinder head, gaskets and the labor time associated with R&R of the head. *Note that for first time repairs the 5553 kit is recommended. See the basic video instruction video linked above and click on the following to see the pdficon-small.png TIME-SERT 5600 pdf instructions. See our article for more information on this and other spark plug thread repair kits to fix Ford Spark Plug Blow Outs.
Qty      Kit includes 
1        M18 Wrench Triple oversized 
1        Optional Counterbore for RF-1L2E - 55518 Setting tool with ring 
1        M18 Reamer Triple oversized 
1        M18 Tap Triple oversized *Note this is NOT a standard M18x1.5 it's oversized. 
1        M18 Driver Triple oversized 
5        M18 Inserts Triple oversized PN 55522 (measures approximately 3/4" OD)
5        M14x1.25 insert fully threaded 
1        M14x1.25 driver tool 
1        Oil (J-42385-110) 
1        Loctite Sealer 
1        1/8 hex key small 
1        3/16 x 6” hex key long
1        389-4000 Leak Tester 
1        Case Steel or Plastic depending upon supply
*Please note that the progress of the depth that the reamer has reached should be closely monitored. In the video at around 7:08, we mention that the tool will not go but so far because of the collar; While this is true in most cases, we advise to be careful and stop once the counter-bore (the widest portion) of the reamer has been reached. Forcing tool to continue cutting may possibly cause irreversible damage to head. Questions please call us at 800-734-8665 x251. Get more free tips emailed when purchasing from us.

Mouse over the images above for a more detailed view of the kit components. Also notice our bulk discount prices on TIME-SERT replacement inserts for thread repair kits. Need more information on TIME-SERT thread repair kits? Visit our auto repair blog section on thread repair kits for tips, advice and all your thread repair questions answered. Just comment and we will be quick to respond.

See the pdficon-small.png TIME-SERT products pdf for more information on thread repair kits and inserts. Some are listed for certain applications on cars, trucks and motorcycles. The pdf is a partial application list so feel free to email or call if we can assist with your particular need. We also accept inquiries regarding our daily TIME-SERT specials. Remember TIME-SERT is recommended by leading car manufacturers like the General Motors Corporation. In fact TIME-SERT is GM's only authorized repair for head bolt threads.


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4 Reviews

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    Posted by John M on 17th Dec 2021

    This Saved two engines for me so far. I bought it because I needed it for my own van and then for a friends Mustang. It allows you to make the repair on the car immediately with little effort. The price is very worth the money. You can always sell it after making your repair. I keep this inside the house and may use it once or twice again in my life but boy when you need it you will be so happy.

  • 5

    Saved vehicle!

    Posted by Gary W on 24th Oct 2019

    2001 Ford F-350 V-10 had two spark plugs blow out from same cylinder. Both times cylinder was repaired with over the counter repair kits. Spark plug blew a third time and while researching this issue I came across the Time Sert 5600 Triple O-Size Spark Plug Kit W/Leak Tester! I wish I had of located this tool previously! It fixed the problem and simple to use. Highly recommend it!!

  • 5

    F-250 Super Duty 6.8 V10 1999

    Posted by Bill F. on 13th Mar 2017

    I bought a used F-250 Super Duty 6.8 V10 1999, to my horror, found out the hard way, an over the counter repair had failed on a blown spark plug hole. The time-sert triple oversized was my only option if I wanted to do the repair myself. Watched the videos, followed the directions, truck started right up no issues when the repair was complete. (3/8 in drive pneumatic ratchet is a must!) My only complaint, not with the kit, with the directions. Having been an aircraft mechanic for over 25 years, I believe more torque specs should be included. "about 20 ft lbs to install" does work for explaining when the die has completed. It would have also been helpful to know if the spark plug could be torqued to factory specs of 27ft lbs, or if because of the insert, the torque required is less. Maybe that will be answered in follow on instructions. Over all, extremely pleased! The repair went just as described. The kit arrived in a very timely manner and is in an awesome storage case with all the parts being laser etched with their part number. Management: Thanks for the review. Yes, normal spark plug torque spec is fine. The threads are stronger than original. Appreciate the commets and will pass them on to the manufacturer.

  • 5

    Fixed without issue

    Posted by Kevin G on 23rd Jul 2016

    2002 Mustang fixed the blown out plug without any issues. My sons car, tried the auto store insert first (failure). We took our time carefully reading instructions on each step. Had everything done in about 90 minutes. Borrowed a bore scope to verify that all the shavings were out of the cylinder. Beats the crap out of pulling cylinder head.

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