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TIME-SERT 5600 Triple Over-Size For Spark Plug Thread Repair Kit

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  • Quality you need! Made in the USA.
  • Time Sert 5600 Case
  • The Time Sert 5600 kit comes stored in a nice blow molded case.
  • Loctite
  • Driver oil
  • 55522 triple oversize inserts for use with the 5600 kit along with the smaller inserts.
  • 51457 M14x1.25 Big Sert - the smaller of the two inserts in the 5600 kit.
  • The 55518 counter bore for use with RF-1L2E heads found in some 2001 and up engines.
  • 51487 3/16"x6" long hex keyused to lock and unlock the 51484 setting tool.
  • 55516 1/8" small hex key for locking the tooling in the wrench - which actually more like the socket extension.
  • 51484 Setting tool with ring 51484A.
  • T-bar handle used on the "wrench". We don't use this in the demonstration video because a socket is much easier to use.
  • 55514 M14x1.25 driver installation tool, for the smaller of the two inserts.
  • M18 Triple oversized tap. Note this is not a standard size M18.
  • 55900 M18 Oversized Reamer. Note this is not a standard size M18.
  • M18 Wrench triple oversized more like an extension socket to extend reach of tooling.
  • 38154 M18 Driver installation tool for larger of the two inserts 55518
  • Laminated instructions page 1.
  • Laminated instructions page 2.
  • Laminated instructions page 3.


Ready to order but need assistance in making sure you have the right tooling for your application? Call 800-734-8665 for application help and getting it on the way. Includes no Sales Tax outside Florida, Free Shipping and Free use tips that's been compiled by our Master Tech over the years which answers many how to questions. Just write "tips" in the comment section when checking out. TIME-SERT 5600 This is the largest outside diameter spark plug thread repair kit available and installs a Big Sert insert inside of a triple oversize insert making this kit the largest Ford spark plug thread repair kit in the world. The outside diameter (O.D.) is .76". Since this kit uses the triple oversize insert which is the biggest repair insert available, it's capable on fixing even the largest spark plug holes. Holes that were damaged more than usual from a previous repair attempt that failed. If you already have the TIME-SERT 5553 an additional add on kit can be purchased to achieve the what this kit does as a "stand alone" kit. However, the 5600 kit cannot install just the smaller of the two inserts. If you already have a 5553 purchase the add on kit #5588. *Note the 5600 kit does not install the Big Sert alone. Tooling is provided for using both inserts together. If you would like the capability of installing ONLY the Big Sert (smaller of the two) inserts when the triple oversize is not needed, use the Time Sert 5678. The 5678 is the add on kit for the 5600. Be sure to see the TIME-SERT 5600 demonstration video towards the bottom of this page.
Questions? We have answers. See our FAQ's sparkplug thread repair article's for more information. Ford Spark Plug Blow Outs-Solved and Ford Sparkplug Blowouts - FAQ's. Need help deciding which kit is best for your application? Call us and talk to an experienced Master Tech at 800-734-8665 or use our contact form, please include details like make, model, engine size and if there was a previous repair. If there was, tell us what type or brand of repair it was. 
Installed over the fender. The repair is done by installing an insert inside an insert to end up with the triple over-size outside diameter. The original (fully threaded) spark plug can then be installed saving the cost of replacing the cylinder head, gaskets and the labor time associated with R&R of the head. *Note that for first time repairs the 5553 kit is recommended. See the basic video instruction video linked above and click on the following to see the pdficon-small.png TIME-SERT 5600 pdf instructions
Qty      Kit includes 
1        M18 Wrench Triple oversized 
1        Optional Counterbore for RF-1L2E - 55518 Setting tool with ring 
1        M18 Reamer Triple oversized 
1        M18 Tap Triple oversized *Note this is NOT a standard M18x1.5 it's oversized. 
1        M18 Driver Triple oversized 
5        M18 Inserts Triple oversized PN 55522 (measures approximately 3/4" OD)
5        M14x1.25 insert fully threaded PN 51457
1        M14x1.25 driver tool 
1        Oil (J-42385-110) 
1        Loctite Sealer 
1        1/8 hex key small 
1        3/16 x 6” hex key long 
1        Case steel or plastic depending upon supply.

Mouse over the images above for a more detailed view of the kit components. Need more information on TIME-SERT thread repair kits? Visit our auto repair blog section on thread repair kits for tips, advice and all your thread repair questions answered. Just comment and we will be quick to respond.

See the pdficon-small.png TIME-SERT products pdf for more information on thread repair kits and inserts. Some are listed for certain applications on cars, trucks and motorcycles. The pdf is a partial application list so feel free to email or call if we can assist with your particular need. We also accept inquiries regarding our daily TIME-SERT specials. Remember TIME-SERT is recommended by leading car manufacturers like the General Motors Corporation. In fact TIME-SERT is GM's only authorized repair for head bolt threads.

*Please note that the progress of the depth that the reamer has reached should be closely monitored. In the video at around 7:08, we mention that the tool will not go but so far because of the collar; While this is true in most cases, we advise to be careful and stop once the counter-bore (the widest portion) of the reamer has been reached. Forcing tool to continue cutting may possibly cause irreversible damage to head. Questions please call us at 800-734-8665 x251. 

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25 Reviews

  • 5

    Follow the video

    Posted by Doug Burton on 31st May 2022

    This was really easy, it took some time but by following the youtube video that posted, it went smoothly and perfect. I used a snake camera to check that each step looked good down in the port and it all went perfect. Saved me thousands.

  • 5

    Quality Tooling

    Posted by Kerrie J on 30th Apr 2022

    Excellent quality tool kit. Purchased to fix spark plug threads on a 2008 4.6 F150 after a previous repair from the parts store failed. A lot of reaming but I am confident in the end result. It's definitely NOT coming out! I also bought the 5678 add-on kit to be able to install the smaller of the two inserts by itself. I know a lot of guys with F150's so I think these kits will be used more in the future.

  • 5

    Time-sert saved the day!

    Posted by Bill P on 23rd Jan 2017

    This tool worked flawlessly! Well thought-out design. Instructions were easy to understand, no guesswork. Saved a low income single mom from having to deal with an expensive repair.

  • 5

    Glad I found this kit

    Posted by WC Weaver on 19th Jan 2017

    Pricey kit but works as advertised. My Lincoln was fixed once and it didn't hold. I watched the videos and took my time and it took about an hour. The next one I do will probably be done in 20 minutes.

  • 5

    This Product Was Great!

    Posted by Chris B. on 20th May 2016

    We had a 2004 Toyota Sequoia come in with a helicoil insert in the spark plug hole that had burned through the side of the insert and the threads of the spark plug. We were worried that we might have to pull the head off to get it fixed. After doing a little studying and speaking to Wise Auto Tools we decided to give it a try. It worked great and now we have the confidence that we can fix most any spark plug insert problem especially the extra big holes. We do own a different brand to fix the smaller holes on the Triton engines which we also bought from Wise Tools. The product is great and the technical advise and service far exceed any type of internet based company. We will continue to look to Wise Tools and Denlors Tools for our specialty tool purchases. They are even very competetive in their pricing. Thanks again.

  • 4

    5553 was gonna be too small

    Posted by Ted T on 6th Feb 2016

    First looked at the Time Sert 5553 but realized my spark plug hole was going to be a little too big. Used painters tape on a 3/8" extension, slowly building it up until the size of the hole was reached. Measured it with a digital caliper at .67". The 5600 works on holes up to almost 3/4" so it was a no brainer. Great kit. Was done with the repair in about an hour! Would have given this kit a 5 star but you can't use it to install "just" the smaller of the two inserts without the 5678 add on kit. Also should come with the 389-4000 valve closed checker. Would like to be able to install the smaller one by itself if I ever have another spark plug blow out.

  • 5

    Fixed 2nd time blowout on 2002 F150 5.4

    Posted by Melvin S on 21st Jan 2016

    Used a parts store sav-a-thread kit and that blew out. Took it to a shop and they fixed it. Not sure what they used but that blew out. Researched on the interweb and found the 5600 last time kit. Easy to use and great quality repair. Wished I would've found timesert before settling for the parts store crap!

  • 5

    A Tool That Work's - Ford E150

    Posted by Jimmy H on 19th Oct 2015

    My shop had an 02 Ford E-150 Van with a blown out plug on cyl. #5. Put a repair kit made by Napa and it came out also. I did my homework about this issue and found this kit and ordered it. When we got it into the shop I had my Shop's Top Tech look it over then we installed the inserts from Time-Sert 5600 thread repair kit and my customer is a Happy Camper. And so is my shop Husk & Son Complete Car Care Evansville, IN 47714.

  • 5

    What a great kit!

    Posted by George D on 13th Oct 2015

    Bought this like others to fix a spark plug hole that was repaired before by some other kit. This kit #5600 worked great. You can really sense the quality of the tools when you're using it. Thanks!

  • 5

    An Electrician Doing Mechanic Work

    Posted by Todd W on 12th Oct 2015

    A shop repaired one spark plug hole for me and charged $700. They said removal of the intake was necessary. It blew out after 2 months. I found The Time Sert 5600 online. It worked great. It was for the #5 cylinder. Great laminated instructions. This was on a 2008 E350 van. I also have 2004 E250 van and it blew #3 out a week after purchasing the 5600. Again, it worked great but sure is a bear working on vans I would highly recommend this kit to anyone, the quality of the kit is great. Thanks again, also customer service is A+

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