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Choosing the Right Spark Plug Thread Repair Kit for Ford Vehicles

Choosing the Right Spark Plug Thread Repair Kit for Ford Vehicles Summary: In this article, we cover three of the best oversize Ford spark plug thread repair kits available today, with a focus on kits that can repair holes when wire-type and other thin inserts have failed.

Ford vehicles are known to have issues with spark plugs blowing out, leading many vehicle owners and auto repair shops to seek thread repair kits to fix the problem. However, not all thread repair kits are created equal, and many inexpensive options from local parts stores may fail, costing more in the long run. At, we have been selling spark plug thread repair kits since 2005 to provide our customers with lasting solutions.

Big Sert for Spark Plug Thread Repair Kit

One of our most popular kits is the Time Sert 5553, which features an insert that measures .68" on the outside edge of the threads, making it thicker than thin coil wire inserts like Helicoil and the solid Heli Coil Sav-A-thread. This Big Sert is designed to repair holes when other inserts have failed, and it uses a locking pin embedded in the side of the insert, locktite, and a self-locking design to ensure a lasting repair.

Bigger Ford Spark Plug Thread Repair Kit

For limited applications from around 1998 and up 2V 4.6, 5.4 and 6.8 engines (see the product listing for more application info) we recommend the Calvan 38900 kit for 2 valve Fords with 4.6, 5.4, and 6.8 engines. This kit has an insert that is slightly bigger than the one in the Time Sert 5553, measuring .73" on the outside diameter, and it is held in place with JB weld and a shoulder that tightens against the contact surface.

The Biggest Ford Spark Plug Thread Repair Kit

For the largest and most challenging repairs, we recommend the Time Sert 5600, which is the largest Ford thread repair kit in production. It includes tooling that allows for the installation of an insert inside another insert, resulting in an outside diameter of .77" on the threads. This kit is ideal for repairing holes that were previously repaired with a large insert that failed or for repairing compression leaks on the outside of an insert.

We also have a video showcasing the Time Sert 5600 being used to repair a Ford F150 owner's spark plug thread, highlighting the effectiveness of this kit in even the most challenging repairs.

If you have any questions about spark plug thread repair or other applications, please check our product listings or call us at 800-734-8665 or use our Contact Form to provide your details. At, we are committed to providing our customers with the best spark plug thread repair kits available, ensuring a lasting and effective repair for their vehicles.

25th Mar 2023 DennisB

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