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Ford Fusion 1.6 Spark Plug Thread Repair M14x1.25

Ford Fusion 1.6 Spark Plug Thread Repair M14x1.25

DennisB © Summary: This article covers the correct spark plug thread repair kit to use when a 2013 to 2020 Ford Fusion with a 1.6 Liter engine has failed spark plug threads. 

A first time thread repair uses our Time Sert 4412E spark plug thread repair kit and the 44187 inserts which are 24mm long. We also recommend using the 6010 thread locker and 6020 driver oil. The threaded part of the spark plugs for this model measures 25mm (in length) which is longer than most plugs reach. Although we sell only tools and not the spark plugs, we've added the cross reference below to assist in determining the application. Below are the spark plugs that may be used for the 1.6 Ford Fusion.

  • Ford 1685720 replacement spark plugs
  • Bosch 0242236663
  • Denso ITV20TT
  • NGK 94769

Question - Will the Calvan 38900 work for my 2014 Ford Fusion with a 1.6?

Answer - No. The Calvan 38900 only works for 4.6, 5.4 and 6.8 Liters SOHC, 2V engines that use an M14x1.25. The reach is only 3/4" and the tooling is not designed to be guided straight with the guide in the 38900 kit.

Question - I've had a previous parts store repair that failed making the hole bigger. A parts tore kit will is not big enough. Can I use the 4412E?

Answer - No. The 5141E is used for bigger repairs. Note- not recommended for repairs over .66". The 51460 insert is the 24mm length I would use.

Question - I have a Ford Fusion with a 1.5 Liter engine NOT a 1.6, the spark plug is M12x1.25. Which kit should I use?

Answer - The 4212H kit is used for the M12x1.25.

We've been selling specialty tools and aluminum thread repair kits since 2005. Call for assistance in finding the best spark plug thread repair kit for your situation at 800-734-8665 or provide your details by using our Contact Form.

13th Sep 2021 DennisB

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