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 Can I buy just the thread tap out of the Time Sert 2200 kit?

 Can I buy just the thread tap out of the Time Sert 2200 kit?

DennisB © Summary: Frequently, we have customers that are trying to save money by not purchasing a complete Time-Sert thread repair kit. We understand. Who doesn’t like saving money? However, if someone purchases only part of the specialty tools for a repair and do it incorrectly, they’re really not saving any money. In fact it will now cost more time and money to fix the “come-back”. In the case of a headbolt thread repair, the gaskets will be ruined and the cylinder head will need to be removed all over again. The job would need to be completely redone. And possibly even more damage done if the engine has overheated. Below is recent correspondence with a customer that made a purchase of Time Sert 11155 inserts and a regular M11x1.5 thread tap. Many online tool sales companies would just ship what the customer ordered and not have any concern or idea of the consequences of attempting a repair with incorrect tooling. While we’re not mind readers, we do have enough experience in selling specialty thread repairs to know what would have happened next in this particular case.

The customer bought three Time Sert 11155 inserts which are typically used for head bolt thread repairs. They also had an M11x1.5 thread tap on the order. It was easy to see that the customer thought the M11x1.5 tap would prepare the hole for the M11x1.5 inserts. Not the case. The M11x1.5 tap is actually the same size as the inside of the installed insert, not the outside of the insert.

For this reason, I messaged our customer something to the affect of: The tap you want is not the correct size for preparing the hole to accept the inserts that you ordered. The correct kit for M11x1.5 headbolt thread repair is the Time Sert 2200. This kit has everything needed to do the job properly. Most commonly used on Toyota head bolt thread repair on Toyota Camry and Rav 4 with 2.4 Liter engines.

Customer’s response: Can you sell me the 11112 tap that comes in the 2200 kit? I still need the 11155 inserts and I need to know the total cost ahead of time before you hit my account. I will not drop over $400 dollars to repair this engine. I’m a shade tree mechanic trying to fix the car for my poor sister. If you don’t want to help tell me now, I will get the stuff from somewhere else. I’ve been working on cars for over forty years. I don’t need a kit to make “things happen”.

My response: I’ve also worked on cars for many years. I started in the 1980’s and became a Master Tech, working for several repair facilities throughout the years. I’ve been selling specialty thread repairs since 2005. I know the correct Time Sert kit is expensive, however, everything in the kit is required for the repair to work properly. It’s a very well designed and produced kit which is made in the USA. That’s a rare thing these days. An example of what just one of the tools does is: the installation driver, it finishes cold rolling the bottom threads, expanding the bottom of the insert locking it into place. As a distributor for Time-Sert we are not permitted to sell just pieces of kits, unless our customer has a verified purchase of the corresponding kit and needs a replacement. This helps avoid broken tools and failed repairs due to improper use. Our second choice for an M11x1.5 head bolt thread repair is the Helicoil 1130. Although the Time Sert system is definitely much better. It’s the kit I would use especially considering the amount of work involved if the repair fails. In fact Time Sert is the only recommended brand by car manufacturers like GM and Toyota for head bolt thread repair. Since, we would only be setting you up to fail, by selling part of what’s needed: I’ve canceled the order and made a full refund. Let me know if you have any questions or if we can be of assistance in the future. 

So as anyone can see, we would rather lose a sale than set our customers up to fail. We often have discount coupons and unadvertised specials on our Time Sert kits. Dennis 800-734-8665 extension 251.

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27th Aug 2018 DennisB

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