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Polaris Head Bolt Thread Repair Kit - Information and Recommended Kit & Inserts

Polaris Head Bolt Thread Repair Kit - Information and Recommended Kit & Inserts

Aluminum head bolt threads pulling out on Polaris engines is a fairly common problem. Installing a solid bushing-type steel insert is the best fix. Avoiding the expense of some of the larger kits designed for automotive applications is a smart way to save money and still get a quality repair. The larger Time-Sert kits, for example, are designed for doing repairs when the threads start down several inches. With threads flush or near the surface, a much less expensive kit made by Time-Sert can be used effectively. Longer inserts can be used with the 1112 small kit. The kit comes with 22mm length inserts; however, the 30mm length inserts make more sense, especially with part number 11127, as they provide more threads and are the same inserts provided in the much more expensive kit, part number 11125.

It's important to know that the 1112 kit is for a first-time repair when no other repair has been used previously, making the hole larger than normal. If a previous repair has been used, like the Heli-Coil or a similar brand, an oversize kit would be needed. Big-Sert is Time-Sert's line of oversize repair kits and inserts that can be used for second-time repairs and still accept the original size bolts.

If working on M11x1.25 head bolt threads for Ace, Ranger, Scrambler, Sportsman, RZR 570, 600, 700, 800, 850, 900, and 1000 models, see the links below for all the products mentioned in this article.

1112 M11x1.25 Thread Repair Kit - First time repair

11127 30mm long inserts - Utilize more threads than what the kit comes with.

6010 Driver Oil - Not cutting oil. This is for the driver when cold rolling threads.

6020 Thread Locker - High Temperature, permanent and oil resistant used for exterior threads of inserts.

5112D - This is an oversize repair kit typically used for instances when a failed Helicoil repair makes the hole bigger.

11125 - The big kit used for automotive applications.

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