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TIME-SERT 4412-125 Spark Plug Thread Repair Kit M14x1.25

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TIME SERT 4412-321 First Time Spark Plug Thread Repair Kit M14x1.25 millimeter standard length, includes washer seat inserts. If longer tooling is needed when working on spark plug holes that are down in a well, use 4412E. The "E" stands for extended. Please note *Inserts sold separately because the 4412 is used for multiple engine sizes which use different seat types and lengths. This kit is considered "Over the fender" you DO NOT have to remove the head. Metal shavings in cylinder may damage the engine - see instructions and video for more information. Timesert is recommended by leading automobile manufacturers. *Loctite sealer is required for all taper seat inserts.
For more information see our article called What's the Difference Between 4412 and 4412E?

1. Wrench
2. Step-Tap
3. Insert Driver
4. Seat Cutter
4. 44125 Washer Seat Inserts 9.4mm long
4. 44111 Washer Seat Inserts 16.8mm long

Inserts sold separately pdficon-small.png Printable Instructions for Time-Sert 4412E

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Time Sert 44183 - For very short taper seat plugs, like used in Ford 7.5 Liter engines.

Insert 44186 is for Ford 3.0L engines with 3/4 reach TAPER SEAT spark plugs. 

Insert 44187 is for Ford 2.0L engines with 24mm reach TAPER SEAT spark plugs. 
Insert 44123 M14x1.25 8mm long is a short washer seat insert used on Harley Davidson short plugs, comes in kit number 14125F.

Insert 44111 is for Ford 1.3L, 1.8L and 3.9L engines with 3/4 reach WASHER SEAT spark plugs. (Also fits other makes that meet these specifications)
Cylinder Leak Tester - To help make sure valves are closed before tapping. Requires an area above the spark plug hole to insert stopper.
Question: I have a 1977 Harley Davidson with an NGK BPR5ES spark plug, do you know what size spark plug thread repair kit I need? Not sure if it's metric or standard.
Answer: The BPR5ES is an M14x1.25 with a washer seat. The 4412 kit is the correct size. Use a 44111 insert. I'd also use the 6010 driver oil and 6020 thread locker.  

Mouse over the images above for a more detailed view of the kit components. Also notice our bulk discount prices on TIME-SERT replacement inserts for thread repair kits. Need more information on TIME-SERT thread repair kits? Visit our auto repair blog section on thread repair kits for tips, advice and all your thread repair questions answered. Just comment and we will be quick to respond.

See the pdficon-small.png TIME-SERT products pdf for more information on thread repair kits and inserts. Some are listed for certain applications on cars, trucks and motorcycles. The pdf is a partial application list so feel free to email or call if we can assist with your particular need. We also accept inquiries regarding our daily TIME-SERT specials. Remember TIME-SERT is recommended by leading car manufacturers like the General Motors Corporation. In fact TIME-SERT is GM's only authorized repair for head bolt threads.

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