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TIME-SERT Thread Repair Kit Questions Answered

TIME-SERT Thread Repair Kit Questions Answered

Summary This article covers several common questions related to TIME-SERT thread repair kits. It explains the materials used in TIME-SERT inserts and ant-corrosion treatments. The article also addresses questions about specific applications for TIME-SERT thread repair, including repairing stripped threads in Honda engines, RC airplanes and cast iron blocks. It explains the differences between regular TIME-SERT inserts and Big Sert inserts and provides guidance on selecting the right kit for your needs. Overall, this article is a useful resource for anyone seeking information on TIME-SERT thread repair kits and how they can be used to provide reliable and long-lasting repairs for stripped or damaged threads in a wide range of applications.

Question - What material is the TIME-SERT insert made of?

TIME-SERT is a brand of threaded insert used for repairing stripped threads in various materials. The inserts themselves are typically made of 12L14 carbon steel, high-quality 303 Stainless Steel or 2024 T351 Aluminum, depending on the application and the material being repaired. Some TIME-SERT inserts may also be coated with a layer of protective material, such as zinc, to prevent corrosion or improve durability. Overall, the specific material used for a TIME-SERT insert will depend on the intended application and the specific product chosen.

Question - Can Time-Sert thread repair kits be used to repair a cast iron block for head bolts?

Yes, Time-Sert thread repair kits can be used to repair stripped or damaged threads in a cast iron block for head bolts. Time-Sert thread repair is a technique that involves drilling out the damaged threads and tapping the hole to accept a threaded insert. The insert is then threaded into the hole, creating a new, strong and reliable thread.

Although aluminum blocks are more common today, cast iron blocks are still used some and over time, the threads in these blocks can become worn, damaged or stripped, particularly in the area around the head bolts. In such cases, Time-Sert thread repair kits can provide a reliable and cost-effective solution, allowing you to repair the threads in the block without having to replace the entire block.

Question - Are Time Sert repairs bad because of the use of dissimilar metals?

No,  Time-Sert inserts are typically coated with a corrosion-resistant substance to help protect them from rust and other types of corrosion. The specific type of coating used may vary depending on the application and the type of insert being used, but common coatings include zinc or phosphate coatings, as well as various types of platings or electroplating.

In addition to the coating on the insert itself, a threadlocker or sealant can be used on the outside of the insert, in order to further protect against corrosion and ensure a secure, leak-free seal. The specific type of threadlocker typically used is the Time Sert 6020 which is high temp, oil resistant and designed to be permanent.

Question - Are all Time Sert inserts made of stainless steel?

No. Time Sert does offer stainless steel inserts for some applications. Platings and electroplating of Time-Sert inserts are not considered stainless treatments, as these processes involve coating the surface of the insert with a thin layer of a different metal or alloy, rather than altering the composition of the insert itself.

Stainless steel is a specific type of steel alloy that contains at least 10.5% chromium by mass, which gives it excellent corrosion resistance and durability.

Question - Can a Time Sert and some JB-Weld be used if a Helicoil failed?

No, a regular Time Sert insert is for a first time repair. JB Weld can act as a filler but the reliability of the repair cannot be dependable since the tapped threads may not be formed enough into the metal. A Big Sert is necessary where a Helicoil has failed. Big Sert is thicker type of Time Sert insert that is designed specifically for larger diameter holes and provides a more robust and permanent repair compared to a standard Helicoil insert. When the repair is complete the original size inside diameter is retained. So the original size fastener or spark plug is used. 

Question - Does Time-Sert make a thread repair kit for glow plug threads for an RC airplane?

Yes, Time-Sert offers the 0142SP for RC airplanes which have 1/4-32 threads.

TIME-SERT 0142SP RC Engine Glow Plug Thread Kit 1/4-32

Typically, Time-Sert thread repair kits include everything you need to repair stripped or damaged threads, including the threaded insert, a drill bit, a tap, and an installation tool. The inserts are made of high-quality materials, made in the USA. Time Sert products are designed to provide a strong and long-lasting repair that can withstand the high stresses and temperatures of an engine. The Time Sert solid inserts are locked in, unlike the thin coil of wire inserts which are known to wind back out sometimes when changing glow plugs.

Question - Does Time-Sert make kits for Hondas?

Yes, Time-Sert offers a variety of thread repair kits that are specifically designed for Honda applications such as for head bolt thread repair, oil pan thread repair, spark plug thread repair and other more general kits used for transmission bolts, struts, motor mounts etc. Here's a few linked below.

This one is for aluminum oil pan thread repair when the threads are stripped for the drain plug.

TIME-SERT 1415C Aluminum Oil Pan Drain Thread Repair M14x1.5

The one below is for spark plug thread repair for washer seat plugs like found in many Honda cars. "Standard" meaning first time repair, when no other repair has failed making the hole bigger than normal.

TIME-SERT 4412E-111 Standard Spark Plug Repair M14x1.25

Some transmission bolts are M12x1.75. It's best to verify the size needed before ordering.

TIME-SERT 1217 Metric Thread Repair Kit M12x1.75 with Inserts

Many other sizes are available. These kits are designed to provide a reliable and long-lasting repair for stripped or damaged threads in a wide range of Honda engines, including those found in cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles.

The specific kit you will need will depend on the size and location of the damaged threads in your Honda engine, brakes, transmission or suspension etc. Time-Sert offers kits in a range of thread sizes and lengths, and each kit typically includes all the necessary tools and components to perform the repair, including the threaded insert, a drill bit, a tap, and an installation tool.

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